Mounting system for PV on flatroof


Efficient and simple PV mounting system for flat roofs.


Available in 10° and 18° tilt.

Few components

Ideal positioned - in logistics and on site

The racking system FS10S/FS18S consists of few main components.

  • Base rail
  • Eave support
  • Ridge support
  • Base rail connector
  • Streamliner 
  • Module clamp

Installation advantage

Thought through components - fast build-up

The well-thought-out design of FS10S / FS18S system simplifies the assembly process compared to conventional mounting solutions.

  • Innovative rail connector - without nut
  • Fastening of the wind deflector - without pre-drilling
  • High mounting tolerances

Operational advantage

Short rails

Due to short rails, the system fits to the roof surface like a chain.

Possible consequences of thermal expansion are being compensated by the innovative rail connector.

Assembly instructions FS10S/FS18S

System datasheet FS10S/FS18S

General assembly notes

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